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The demons that confide in me
The evil in my veins
Lies from my tongue
I speak to you of your flaws
I condemn you until the end
I never cease always on and on
To spread my hatred
I release my demons onto thee
To make you suffer such as I did
The demons I could not control
The evil pours from my body like sweat
I release my demons onto the world
Bringing death upon the innocent
Bringing plague famine fire war and hatred
Watching them die and rot away
You run in terror, frightened, fearing for your life
I sit back and laugh
It’s so pathetic watching these mortals
For I shall spread my evil unto this world
Causing ungodly mayhem death and destruction
I shall never cease to torture mankind
For I am that which is evil
I am not a god
I am that I am
I am every were
I am with you all the time
You fear me
You flee before me
I have the power to control you
I posses you
I lie to you
Distorting the truth
Bending the rules
Then I tell you to kill
I make you hate
I can kill you and I will kill you
Without a conscience I have no regrets
Then I move on to the next
I move from person to person soul to soul
Reeking havoc in their lives
Turning the good into the disciples of the evil
Turning peace into war
Tearing the world apart
It lies in total carnage
They try to fix it
I let them rebuild their nations
Only to be torn down again
I am evil
I am hate I am death
I am hate
I am a destroyer
I am a plague
I am full of demons
And I will never die
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